Medical Examiner’s Office and Forensic Division Get New Staff

Over the course of the summer, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Delaware suffered a scandal involving some issues in evidence in a drug related case. As a result, Doctor Richard Callery, the chief medical examiner at the time, was targeted in a criminal investigation, with charges of possible misuse of state resources; therefore, Callery was fired for misconduct in July, as a result of the evidence-tampering scandal. Ever since suffering this issue, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has been replaced by the new division focusing entirely on Forensic Science.



The division is overseen by the Safety and Homeland Security Secretary department, which has formed an oversight panel to discuss a return from the scandal, as well as hiring new staff and establishing new procedures, according to an article recently completed by WBOC 16.

The biggest struggle the oversight panel has suffered thus far is finding a director for the new division. The panel is looking for someone with specific scientific qualifications, with additional management experiences. Many of the applicants have easily fulfilled the science requirements for the demands of the job. However, the panel has struggled to find someone who meets their expectations in managing people. As a result, the panel said that it was going to reexamine its qualifications for the director’s post; in addition to this, they have reconsidered the salary offerings for the position and have decided to set the income total between ninety thousand and one hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

After suffering the scandal, the new division struggled to get off of its feet. However, the lab has since resumed accepting evidence cases, especially to fulfill the needs of the Wilmington Police Department. Occasionally, the new division will even receive cases from the Delaware State Police, showing a return of faith for the lab.

from Luisa Florez Medical Examiner


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