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Top Reasons Be A Medical Examiner

Medical examiners and crime scene investigators are important for society. A coroner must identify how a person died- specifically the cause of death. This often gives the deceased one’s family closure and the ability to grieve. A number of coroners and medical examiners perform their own autopsies while others only examine the autopsies performed. The coroner or medical examiner must also determine the time of death. By identifying the time of death they potentially will help prosecute a murderer or help solve a crime.


Luisa FLorez discusses the benefits of becoming a medical examiner.

The difference is that a coroner is elected so he or she doesn’t necessarily need a medical degree while medical examiners are appointed which means they usually need a medical license. Being a medical examiner or a coroner allows you to learn about the human body and different types of diseases. Coroners and medical examiners both have the chance to investigate the cause of sudden death and unexplained deaths.Also, medical examiners have opportunities to catch killers and other criminal through their techniques. Firstly, the authorities are notified if a death seems suspicious, violent, or the cause is unknown. The coroner or medical examiner then investigates the body and decides whether the death is in fact suspicious or not. For example, not every death that at first glance appears to be a suicide is a suicide. Some of these are in fact accidents, while some are acts of foul play.

Medical examiners and coroners also add value to society in that they bring closure to families and help begin the grieving process. They also protect the belongings of the deceased and ensure that the belongings are safe and secure until they can be delivered to the loved ones.They are also instruments of justice and therefore their job is to accurately decipher cause of death. The examiners are of course meant to be objective parties and not skew the perceptions of the authorities. They do not voice whether the death was caused by murder or foul play, rather their job is to simply relay the cause of death.

Another perk of becoming a an examiner is that they usually earn a nice sized salary. Their salaries typically range from 100,000 to 250,000 dollars. Not to mention a coroner or medical examiner might earn a large consulting bonus for acting as an expert witness in a court case. All in all, becoming a medical examiner or coroner has serious benefits and can lead to a long, successful career.

from Luisa Florez Medical Examiner